Diagnostic Imaging Equipment & BIOMED Services

HTSi Healthcare Solutions

HTSi offers both new and refurbished imaging equipment, resulting in optimal procurement, efficiency and ownership costs while utilizing the best technology. Our brands of diagnostic equipment are suited to the evolving needs of the health industry. We offer a variety of biomed services to fit customer needs. We provide technical service for GE multimodality equipment, and other OEMS like Siemens and Philips.


Serve our customers with excellence. 


Provide high quality healthcare service solutions and improve operational efficiency in our clients' facilities with excellent service. 

HTSi recognizes the need in the Caribbean and Latin America regions for the supply of quality medical equipment and service excellence. We are a Six Sigma based company with extensive experience in the Healthcare Industry. Our team of trained professionals in Barbados, Trinidad, and USA are ready to support your medical equipment and technical service needs across the Caribbean market. We are fully committed to our founding values of highest quality, superior value and service excellence.

Our People and Service Excellence are HTSi’s Best Competitive Advantage

Superior TechnologY

HTSi offers both new and refurbished diagnostic medical equipment. Our refurbished equipment are fully inspected and tested by qualified engineers. Our brands of diagnostic equipment are suited to the rapidly evolving competitive needs of the health industry worldwide.

Our technology comprises a work platform which facilitates diagnostics, management of patient information flow and the equipment performance itself. We have a robust portfolio of diagnostic imaging equipment and Biomed Services with the highest quality and performance.

    • BEST VALUE & COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY available for diagnostic imaging equipment in the healthcare industry is offered by HTSi. Best technical service for major recognized brands and companies in the industry.

    • EQUIPMENT FOR EVERY NEED IN THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY – We cater to radiology centers, hospitals, cardiologists, radiologists, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, pain management specialists, urologists, gynecologists, podiatrists, and veterinarians.

   Our Services
  • Multi-vendor Service Contracts

  • Factory Trained Engineers

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Turn-key Projects

  • Equipment Relocation / installation

  • Site Planning

  • OEM parts (GE, Siemens, Philips)

  • Probe & Coil repairs (Multiple brands)

  • MRI RF shielding

  • Equipment Procurement Assessment

  • Equipment & Room Inspections

  • Applications Training

  • Quality Control

   Our Values
  • Service Excellence

  • Six Sigma Quality

  • Customer Advocacy

  • Deep Market Understanding

  • Innovation & Technology

  • World Class Distribution & Service

  • Our People & Customers Matter