Why is there so much hype surrounding RSNA? Why do so many companies attend this event?

According to RSNA's official website, :

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA®) is an international society of radiologists, medical physicists and other medical professionals with more than 54,000 members from 136 countries across the globe. RSNA hosts the world’s premier radiology forum, drawing approximately 55,000 attendees annually to McCormick Place in Chicago, and publishes two top peer-reviewed journals: Radiology, the highest-impact scientific journal in the field, and RadioGraphics, the only journal dedicated to continuing education in radiology.

Through its educational resources, RSNA pro...

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HTSI takes pride in knowing that we were instrumental in assisting one of our customer to purchase and install their first GE OEC 9800 C-Arm.

The OEC family of mobile C-arms has been helping surgeons in vascular, orthopedic, urology and emergency surgical procedures for more than 40 years.

For a high-quality affordable mobile C-arm, choose a classic, choose the Certified OEC 9800 C-arm. With a familiar user interface and reputation for superb image quality, the 9800 is the right choice for office settings and facilities that want the best imaging system for their investment dollar.

From the ER, OR or pain management clinic, you can leverage the versatility of Certified OEC 9800 C-arm to perform diagnostic or interventional applications with...

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A syringe is a simple pump consisting of a plunger that fits tightly in a tube to assist pushing liquids or solids into an object either through a needle, tubing, or a nozzle. The most common use of a syringe is to administer injections into the body.

Bayer offers a large variety of syringes and disposables for computed tomography, angiography, magnetic resonance, and molecular imaging. These syringes deliver a high-quality and reliable injection solution that can save you costs, equipment, and downtime.


According to Bayer’s website,, when choosing contrast and saline syringes, here are some items you need to consider:

1. Particulates
Particulates from the manufacturing process can be directly injected into the patient if the syringe barrels are not thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Bayer inspects each syringe barrel before it is shipped to further reduce patient risk and provide an additional layer of safety.

2. Biocompatibility
If syringes are made from non-biocompatible material, then harmful substances, e.g. BPA or DEHP, can leach into the saline or contrast agent and enter the blood stream. Bayer conducts analytical chemistry studies on finished products to ensure that their syringes fully meet medical biocompatibility requirements and so do not contain any harmful substances.

3. Application of silicone
If the application is not precisely controlled, then silicone can be over- or under-applied, impacting fluid delivery performance and the well being of your patients. Bayer’s automated process precisely applies a micro-layer of silicone for consistent and accurate injection performance under clinical pressures.

4. Compatibility with injector equipment
If a non-compatible syringe is used on a MEDRAD injector, then its failure can result in over- or under-injection of contrast, and may require rescanning and re-dosing the patient. Since Bayer designs and test their syringes as part of a holistic, inter-related system, they can guarantee fluid delivery performance with a Bayer syringe.

HTSI is a distributor for Bayer Syringes and Injector Systems. Why go with another brand? Choose Bayer Syringes and enjoy the benefits that it will bring to you and your patients.

HTSI Customer Service. Feel free to reach out or connect with us on Twitter @ HTSISERVICE

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As a healthcare provider, improving patient care while maintaining cost efficiency and increasing the workflow benefits between the hospital and the radiology department is very important. Going digital will definitely present you with these advantages. With a mission to serve our customers with excellence, HTSI is committed to providing high quality healthcare service solutions and improve operational efficiency in our clients' facilities with excellent service. We have found two articles highlighting the importance of digital imaging in the healthcare industry.

In the first blog article titled “Digital Imaging in Medical Field: Introduction and Benefits” they talk about the major benefits of going digital. The article define...

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Get a snapshot of healthcare news in 2016 with our roundup of Modern Healthcare's 10 most clicked articles of 2016. This roundup of most popular health news articles for 2016 comes from reader activity—these articles got the most clicks.

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According to the American Health Policy Institute (AHPI), a non-partisan 501(c)(3), the federal government is the single largest payer of healthcare in the U.S., accounting for 25.9% of national health expenditures.The U.S. government, unsurprisingly, is also a major regulator of healthcare, with such agencies as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which regulates medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), which oversees healthcare quality and safety standards, to name just two of many.Even the U.S. Congress impacts healthcare: Passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) set standards for benefit packages throughout the health insurance market. Many industry experts believe the po...

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