Digital Imaging: 3 Major Benefits for the Healthcare Industry

As a healthcare provider, improving patient care while maintaining cost efficiency and increasing the workflow benefits between the hospital and the radiology department is very important. Going digital will definitely present you with these advantages. With a mission to serve our customers with excellence, HTSI is committed to providing high quality healthcare service solutions and improve operational efficiency in our clients' facilities with excellent service. We have found two articles highlighting the importance of digital imaging in the healthcare industry.

In the first blog article titled “Digital Imaging in Medical Field: Introduction and Benefits” they talk about the major benefits of going digital. The article defines digital imaging and how the revolution in digital imaging has been accompanied by the adoption of PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). This system facilitates storage, retrieval, distribution and convenient access to images from multiple modalities such as Ultrasound, Xray, MRI and CT. The main goal of digital imaging and PAC is to become completely filmless due to improved patient care and cost reduction in healthcare.


The second article titled, “Benefits of Medical Imaging” also provides the benefits of digital imaging and its impact on healthcare treatment today. It even further went on to state that the New England Journal of Medicine ranked imaging as one of the top medical developments of the past 1,000 years. It further went to state that those who have evaluated and experienced digital imaging can attest to its immense benefits for physicians, patients and professional organisations.

Based on these two articles and our experience in the Healthcare Industry we have listed three main reasons why going Digital will be beneficial to your organisation:

1. Improve Patient Care - Allows instant access to the entire patient care team regardless of location without transporting or duplicating teams.

2. Cost Efficiency - Eliminate the cost of chemicals, film and to redeploy personnel who previously handled film processing.

3. Hospital Workflow Benefits - Without leaving your place or desk you can easily view, print and email a document.

Why wait? Go digital today and enjoy the benefits that it will bring to you, your patients and your healthcare facility.

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