Refurbishment Process

Refurbishment Process

Our options are infinite for pre-owned and reconditioned equipment with extended warranty.HTSI has extensive experience to offer technical services and project management.

Among the many modalities we offer, HTSI specializes in:

CT, MR, Analog and Digital Mammography, Ultrasounds, C-Arms, Vascular and Bone Densitometry.
While you have the choice to purchase directly from foreign resellers, HTSI possesses the expertise to select pre-owned equipment that you can depend on, based on its years of experience in the industry, network of suppliers and installation capabilities. No other regional vendor can provide this level of service and warranty.

Our Refurbishment Process

“Refurbished” means different things to various companies. When our customers buy a “refurbished” equipment, we strive to give them a “like new” system. In order to accomplish this, we ensure our partners complete the following tasks:• The system covers are removed, repaired, and painted.

  • All wearable mechanical components are inspected and replaced if necessary.

  • The system is staged (cabled and powered up).

  • A 1-year Preventative Maintenance (PM) task is completed to ensure that all adjustments and calibrations meet OEM specifications.

  • The system is tested thoroughly to simulate typical scanning in a diagnostic imaging environment.

  • A complete set of QA scans is taken and the images saved on the hard drive for back up.

  • The system is professionally packaged for delivery to the customer.

Warranty and Services

By completing these tasks prior to shipping, the reliability of the system is significantly improved. As a result, our customers are able to start their business on schedule and with high confidence.
Our service contracts include parts and labor, full glass, PM only and labor only. We have the flexibility to tailor service contracts to your needs.